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How to Work as an Airborne Mission Systems Apprentice

The United States Air Force has very technologically advanced aircraft. It takes a very special individual to maintain the different communications systems which the pilots rely on. You will be responsible for maintaining the radio and other communication systems which are necessary for communication within the cockpit as well as with the ground crews. This will help the pilots to complete their missions and stay safe.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will perform inspections of the communications systems before and after every flight. You will be responsible for installing new equipment and repairing old equipment. You will also be called upon to teach pilots how to use the communications systems they need in order to complete their mission. You will also work with a team to make sure all systems are functional and up to date.

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Deployment and Mission

Because of the nature of your mission, you will be operating in the aircraft which are used for reconnaissance and communications missions. These include such planes as the E-3, C-9 and ths HC-130. You will be needed to make sure all in-flight repairs which need to be made can be done on the double.

You will be stationed at the major Air Force bases which have been established both in the US and abroad. This is because the larger planes will not be able to take off and land on the smaller airstrips which are associated with the impromptu air bases.

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