How to be an EOD Apprentice

Other than the missions in the air, the biggest risk an aircraft in the United States Air Force faces is being damaged or destroyed due to explosive ordnance on the side of the runway. Similarly, there is the risk that the ordnance is going to be used to injure or kill members of the Air Force as they go about their duties on the base. This is why those in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) in the US Air Force are trained to handle these delicate situations.

High Risk Work

Because the job of disposing of explosive ordnance is a high risk job, the US Air Force does everything it can to minimize the risk. You will use different robots and protective gear when dealing with explosives. Naturally, you will be paid more for the high risk assignments you will draw on a daily basis. The job is worth it because of the way in which you will be able to help protect those in your unit.

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Training Beyond the Classroom

Your training may start in the classroom, but you will be taught constantly how to deal with the very dangerous situations you will be facing every day. You will be taught the different methods of making explosives so that you will understand what is expected of you when you are disposing of the ordnance. Click on the link above to learn more about this great career field in the US Air Force.

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