Saving Lives as a Fire Protection Apprentice

No matter where you live or what kind of environment you work in, there is always a risk of fire. This risk is made worse when working with highly combustible material such as the fuel used every day by those in the US Air Force. If the fires rage out of control, it can destroy the entire fleet as well as spread to the rest of the base. This is why those working as a fire protection apprentice in the US Air Force are trained to handle these kinds of emergencies.

Protecting More Than Aircraft

The fires you will be battling will be more than just those on the airstrip. You will also be responsible for fires which may break out throughout the base. These include fires at domestic homes on base as well as the other facilities. You will work to protect the lives of the airmen and their families no matter what the nature of the fire is.

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Training for Your Mission

The training you will receive includes everything you would learn if you were to work in a normal fire station. You will be taught how to handle different kinds of fires and minor first aid in order to prevent loss of life while paramedics are dispatched to the location. You will also be trained on the vehicles and equipment you will use. Click on the link above to find out even more information about this exciting career field.

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