Promoting Equality in the US Air Force

Over the years the society has made great strides in promoting the equality for men and women. The US Air Force is no exception when come to making sure that life is more equal for the men and women who sever in this branch of the military.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The USAF is one place were men and woman can come to work and know that the work they do will be looked at upon the merit of the work and not the gender of the worker. The USAF has understands the importance of picking the most qualified person to the do the job over making a gender bases decision. This may be surprising to those who may think of the Navy in older terms of being strictly male dominated.

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Equality All Around

The USAF is one workplace where men and women who are equally qualified and do the same work at the same level of quality get equal pay. Today on corporate America there is still a significant gap in the amounts women are paid for the same work done of men. The USAF has advanced beyond corporate America regarding this issue of gender equality.

Promotions in the USAF are much more gender equal than those which are made in several civilian workplaces. Additionally the Navy offer many family bases benefits to both men and women alike. These benefits which are focused on the family have done much in the way of making the USAF a desirable place to work for all.

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