Childcare for Air Force Families

Parents who work outside of the home who have small children know the need to quality child care. Those who have young children and are enlisted in the United States Air Force also face this issue. To help enlisted members of the USAF there are benefits in place to help them obtain the childcare they need.

Where to Get Proper Childcare

Finding quality child care can be challenge most parents have to face. For those enlisted in the USAF there is an origination they can turn to which offers quality, ore-screened child care providers. This organization is Family Child Care, or FCC. This organization has a division dedicated to working with Air Force families.

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FCC Services and Fees

FCC provides childcare inside of the homes of those who sever in the USAF. They will come to homes both on and off of the base. This is done so children can be cared for in an environment they are already familiar with. This is also dome because the organization offers options of overnight care when parents are working away from home.

The FCC charges hourly, half day, and daily rates for their services. To offset the cost of this childcare the USAF is currently buying down the price of this childcare for some. As of now, the USAF will buy the fees for children under 3 years old and for children with special needs. They are also buying down the childcare of those who participate in some of the volunteer programs offered on bases. Click on the link above to find out more about what the USAF can offer you and your family.

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