USAF Transition Assistance Program

The United States Air Force transition assistance program, or TAP, has been developed to help enlisted members transitioning out of service. It is also to assist the families of those transitioning out id the service.

Reasons for TAP

The reason that the USAF was developed is because making the transition from military life to civilian life can be challenging. It can also be a project which is difficult and complicated. Those entering into this phase in their lives may have many questions. TAP answers the many questions which could arise regarding making this type of transition. TAP will help in issues such as reviewing discharge papers and other important documents related to leaving service. They can also assist in replacing a lost DD Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge. This can give real peace of mind to those who are in real need of these important services.

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Services Provided by TAPS

TAP also educated enlisted members and their families on the specific steps they need to take during transition. These specific are given to USAF enlisted members through Airmen and Family Readiness Flight centers. These locations can be found online and are generally conveniently located.

Some of the issues which are covered by TAPS deal with subjects such as housing, retirement planning, and other investing. TAPS also helps enlisted members and families with issues deals with other issues such as insurance. They also help in simpler issues too such as when and where it is appropriate for a former enlisted member to wear their uniforms.


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