Relocation Assistance and Smooth Move Program

There comes a time in the career of most people in the United States Air Force when they will be required to transfer bases. This is something which can be difficult on the individual. Those with families have even more problems simply picking up and moving across the nation or around the world. This is why the US Air Force has implemented relocation assistance to help individuals and families to move into their new location with as little problems as possible.

Packing and Moving

For the Air Force professional, it is difficult to find the time to pack up the home and ship everything to the new location. The relocation assistance program will help you to get your home packed up and to ship everything to the new location. This way you can stay concentrated on the work you are still completing at your present station including training your replacement to make sure that they are up to speed on all of the particulars of the assignment.

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Smooth Move Program

Not only will the moving program help you to get everything to the new home. You will also get help in finding and securing the right home for you and your family. It does not matter whether you are looking to live on or off base, you will find the right home for you and your family. Click on the link above to find out more about this great program.

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