Helping Others as a Mental Health Apprentice

There are a few great benefits which every single airman and their family are able to enjoy. These benefits range from great pay to great career training. Among the many great benefits which draw people to the United States Air Force is the great health benefits they are able to enjoy. Just one of the many different ways in which you will be able to use these benefits includes the ability to see a mental health professional as needed.

The Work You Will Do

Because you will not be a licensed physician, you will not be actually helping people through therapy when you work as a mental health apprentice in the US Air Force. Instead, what you will do is make sure that the patients are being treated kindly and efficiently. You will also talk with them to help them understand what the treatment they are about to undergo will entail.

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Completing Paperwork

A very important part of running the front office as a mental health apprentice will include making sure that you get all of the correct information from patients. You will then need to make sure that they have a file which is correctly sorted and annotated. You will also need to make sure that their information is entered into the system correctly so that the proper billing can take place. Click on the link above to find out if you are cut out to work in this very important career field.

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