Entertaining Career as a Premier Band Apprentice

Pomp and circumstance is a time honored tradition in the United States Air Force. There are different kinds of bands which are rolled out for just about every kind of special occasion. On those occasions when there is a holiday or a special event, it is important that there is a special arrangement which is made in order to memorialize the occasion. This is when the US Air Force will roll out the big guns with the premier band. You can play a part.

Increase Your Musical Talent

There are no jobs in the US Air Force in which airmen will receive some kind of training. This is important whether you know how to play an instrument or not. For one thing, you will be able to enhance your talent. For another thing, you will need to be taught how to play in the Air Force way. You will be given initial training as well as on-going training so you will be able to stay in tune.

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Travel Available

If you are looking to join the US Air Force so that you will be able to travel the world, this is a great assignment for you. You will be able to play in countries around the world in bases as well as in places like the White House. Your skills will be your ticket to the world. Click on the link above to find out even more.

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