Security Job as a Security Forces Apprentice

The United States Air Force has to work very hard to maintain safety in and around their bases. This includes making sure that all vehicles and personnel entering the base are allowed to do so. This also entails making sure to guard the perimeter of the base and to keep a close eye on every square inch of the base at all times. This is why the US Air Force employs the use of the Security forces apprentice at all times.

Training for Your Mission

You will go through training which will allow you to recognize threats that you should eliminate. You will also learn how to subdue an assailant and to make sure that the people you are in pursuit of will not be able to escape you. You will learn teamwork and you will learn how to coordinate in an instant. You will also learn how to be courteous and effective when you are having to handle disputes regarding security issues at the front gates.

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Security on Base

While the Air Bases are generally a very quiet place, there are disturbances which happen on occasion. This warrants the use of security personnel to handle the situation as quickly as possible. At times you might be called in to raid a location suspected of having illegal materials. You will also be called into domestic homes where domestic abuse or a break-in has occurred. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started.

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