Beneficial Job as a Special Operations Weather Apprentice

The weather is very important to any kind of mission. The problem is that it is impossible to know exactly what the weather will be like on any given time just by looking at a forecast. When you are on radio silence, it can make it even more difficult to know how you should proceed with mission plans. This is why those in Special Operations make sure that they bring along a weather apprentice to keep an eye on the weather at all times.

Working in Tough Conditions

When you work as a special operations weather apprentice, you will be expected to work in some of the harshest conditions throughout the world. You will go through training which will be enough to make most people quit. The point of the tough training is to make sure that you will not only be able to withstand harsh conditions and stressful situations. You will also need to be able to make solid decisions while going through these kinds of conditions.

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Gender Restrictions

Those working in Special Operations still operate under the gender restrictions which limit the entrance to men only. This is due less to the kinds of conditions they will face and the ability of women to endure them. It is more because the conditions they will face might leave a woman more susceptible to torture or death if captured by the enemy. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started in this career.

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