3 Benefits of Being a Space Systems Operations Apprentice

Working as a Space Systems Operations Apprentice puts you right in the center of the action. You will work with the missions to space. This includes different assignments which will put you in key roles for assisting in launching and tracking crafts as they complete missions. You will be trained to handle what many consider to be one of the most rewarding challenges in the universe.

Working in a Career You Can be Proud of

When working as a Special Systems Operations Apprentice, you will be working with a very important mission. The accomplishments will help with discoveries the entire world will be able to appreciate. This is a career which many people dream their entire life of being a part of. You have the ability to attain a position simply by being in the US Air Force.

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A Career With a Future

Once you have been trained as a Special Operations Apprentice, you will have set the groundwork for future advancements. You will also have the skills which will make you a valuable member of any team which has to do with space operations. If you ever decide to leave the Air Force, you will have the training to work in a high paying job.

Great Pay and Benefits

Because you will be working with such an important mission, you will earn great pay. As you advance, your pay will only increase. You will also get great medical benefits by working in the United States Air Force.

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