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Do you have what it takes to belong to one of most powerful military branches in the world? Are you interested in the benefits and career paths that the Air Force provides? No matter what you are looking for in life, the Air Force offers benefits such as education, training and experience that you can make use of later in life, as well as provide specialized training in a variety of skills and careers. Here are just some of the benefits the Air Force offers to each soldier:

Careers in the Air Force offer job opportunities in a multitude of fields are also available for non-pilot support positions, including:

• Computer specialties
• Mechanics
• Medical specialties
• Security forces
• Search and rescue specialties
• Civil engineering
• Combat rescue
• Explosive ordnance disposal

Membership in the US Air Force offers a multitude of benefits that include but are not limited to:

• Scholarships for education
• 100% of college tuition, with few limitations
• Vocational training
• Medical and dental benefits
• Base facility and commissary services
• Incentive pay
• Retirement benefits

Personnel entering the United States Air Force may be trained and designated for Air Force jobs and on-ground support on aircraft such as bombers, air to ground attack fighters, helicopters, tankers, and reconnaissance craft.

Air Force personnel are also trained in a multitude of weapons and defense tactics including assault rifles, submachine guns, antitank, counter snipers, and special-purpose ops.

Present day United States Air Force

Today, the Air Force is made up of active duty forces, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units under the command of the United States Air Force Headquarters at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

The Air Force is controlled by the Department of the Air Force within the Department of Defense and is focused on advanced technologies and training for use in 21st century combat. Nuclear missions, computer enhanced and guided missile systems have changed the face of warfare in all military branches, and none more so that the Air Force.

Today, the Air Force is charged with “Providing sovereign options for the defense of the United States and its global interests. To fly and fight in air, space, and cyberspace.”

The United States Air Force has seen conflict and battle in the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, as well as the invasion of Panama, the Gulf War, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The United States Air Force has engaged in multiple humanitarian operations, including the infamous Berlin airlift in the late 1940s and continues to provide support to ongoing and technological advanced global missions and operations today.

The Air Force Legacy

The U.S. Air Force carries itself with pride and dignity; a history that officially began in 1947 -. Today, the United States Air Force includes over 300,000 active personnel, and nearly 3000 fighters. Their motto “above all” in their blue and silver colors set the United States Air Force apart from other military branches at home and abroad.

Formerly known as the Army Air Corps, the United States Air Force is charged with the defense and safety of American airspace, both at home and abroad. Having transitioned from the days of biplanes, flying aces like Eddie Rickenbacher and the red Baron to today’s highly trained pilots flying stealth bombers and fighters and Raptor pilots, the United States Air Force has grown in both technology and training since its humble beginnings.

Today, the United States Air Force, the most powerful aerial warfare branch of the armed forces, is the most technologically advanced military unit in the world.

Start on a New Path Now!

Take advantage of opportunities for a multitude of careers in the Air Force. Strive for perfection. Challenge yourself. Push the limits of your potential.

Learn about the multitude of programs available for:

• US Air Force Reserves
• US Air Force Active Duty
• Air National Guard
• US Air Force ROTC Programs

If you are ready to “preserve peace and security, provide for the defense of the United States, to support national policy and implement national objectives and to overcome any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the United States”, then a career in the United States Air Force is for you.