Air Force Careers

Air Force Careers

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Career Opportunities in The US Air Force

There is a huge array of career and job opportunities available when
you join the United States Air Force.  There is a strong misconception
out there that all jobs in the Air Force are
related to aviation and planes. That couldn’t be further from the
truth!!!  If you have a high school diploma you won’t have any problems
finding something that will interest

Career opportunities in the USAF can be broken down into the following
primary categories:  Enlisted Careers, Officer Careers and Healthcare
Careers.  Each of these primary categories has several subcategories
as well.  See below for more on each.

Enlisted Careers

  • Mechanical Careers – Keep some of the most sophisticated equipment
    on earth in good working order.
  • Administrative Careers – Manage operational aspects of daily
    life on bases and other locales.
  • Electronics Careers – Keep the Air Force in the air and on track
    with technology that guides, flies, detects and drives.
  • General Careers – These are jobs that don’t fall into any of the
    other categories, such as linguistics, communications, biomedical
    and so on.

Officer Careers

  • Flight Careers – Become a pilot, navigator, air battle manager or
    choose another job type in the Flight Careers category.
  • Technical Careers – Highly skilled
    managers are responsible for design and operations
    such as acquisition managers, weather officers, scientists and
    mechanical engineers.
  • Non-Technical Careers – Also ensuring peak efficiency working in
    intelligence, personnel, security and manpower.
  • Specialty Careers – Integral positions such as lawyers, chaplains,
    combat rescue and more will put your special skills to good use.

Healthcare Careers

  • Physicians – Lacking the usual business worries that their civilian
    counterparts endure, USAF doctors provide top notch healthcare.
  • Nursing – With a huge array of benefits, positions and locations,
    USAF nurses vitally important caregivers.
  • Dentistry – Also with fewer headaches than civilian dentists, becoming
    a USAF dentist offers many benefits and opportunities.
  • Biomedical – Many rewarding careers for pharmacists, health physicists,
    dieticians, speech pathologists, optometrists, podiatrists and
  • Administration – These detail oriented individuals keep the Air Force
    medical offices and facilities running smoothly.