Air Force Jobs

US Air
Force: Air Force Jobs

its inception in the 1940s,
the United States Air Force
has provided excellent career
opportunities to young people
who have graduated from high
school with a diploma, as
well as college graduates
who are looking for a long-term
career in a wide number of
fields. The Air Force has
dozens of job skills and
career opportunities in a
wide variety of pay scales,
educational requirements,
and leadership capabilities.

Navy careers for enlisted
personnel within but not
limited to such fields as:

• Aircraft maintenance



Electronic careers



Air Force jobs and descriptions
are called Air Force Specialty
Codes. These are similar
to what the Army will call
and MOS, and what the Navy
will call a rating. Each
category of career fields
within the Air Force may
be broken down into multiple
job opportunities fields,
and specialties.

The Air Force also has extensive
opportunities for those who
wish to serve in health or
medical careers, command
support, intelligence, and
dozens more. The Air Force
offers exceptional training
as well as potential for
increased benefits in pay,
rank, and job skills.

Men and women joining the
Air Force in the 21st century
can be guaranteed of more
opportunities and training
than ever before in the history
of the United States Air
Force. Whether you want to
be involved in ground maintenance
or Aerospace aviation, the
Air Force has a place for