Air Force Publications

US Air
Force: Air Force Publications

you’re in the Air Force or
not, the Air Force puts out
many high quality and informative
publications that spread
their message and their mission
to thousands of active Air
Force readers as well as
retired and civilian employees
in the United States and
around the globe. One of
the most well known Air Force
publications is called the
Air Force Magazine. This
particular publication reaches
over 10,000 officers and
35,000 active Air Force men
and women in the service,
as well as government officials
and aerospace industry personnel.
The magazine is the official
journal of the Air Force

The Air Force Times is a
weekly newspaper that can
be found online as well as
in print. A founding publication
of the Air Force, simply
called Airman, is also extremely
popular among enlisted and
officer personnel.

The Spokesman is the magazine
of the Air Intelligence Agency.

Of course, this is just
the tip of the iceberg. The
Air Force also publishes
various publications that
offer information about every
aspect of the Air Force.
Such publications are found
on the Internet as well as
in print paper copies. Regulations,
command organization, directives
and restrictions are all
part of various forms of
Air Force publications that
are available to enlisted
men and officer personnel
as well as to reaching civilians
to the commanders in the

For any kind of information
about the Air Force, some
form of printed publication
is available through normal
channels, as is information
found on the Internet. Electronic
forms available in PDF files
may be downloaded for free
from many websites. When
downloading information from
the Internet, make sure resources,
citations, and sources are
legitimate and verifiable.

Air Force publications help
to keep enlisted and officer
personnel up-to-date and
informed of every aspect
of Air Force life. From newspapers
to magazines to the Internet,
the information is out there,
if you only know where to