Air Force Recruiting

Learn about recruiting into the Air Force

Finding a recruiter who can tell you how to get into the USAF is not a complicated process with recruiting offices all over the US, and several overseas. There are almost 2,000 enlisted and officer recruiters located in more than 1,400 recruiting offices throughout the United States. In addition, there are recruiters located in England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico and Guam.

The Air Force Recruiting Service carries out its mission to recruit quality men and women, who display appropriate skillsets and abilities which will sustain the combat capabilities of the United States Air Force.

The primary focus is on finding individuals with no prior military service and guiding them into one of more than 150 enlisted career opportunities. Qualified recruits exhibit the mental, moral and physical attributes necessary to handle today’s sophisticated systems and equipment used by the USAF.

Every Air Force recruiter is a volunteer or is nominated and selected from among the best in his or her career field. Recruiters are trained at the Air Force Recruiting School, Lackland AFB, Texas.

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