Air Force Reserves

Air Force

As a member
of the United States Air Force Reserves you be eligible for many
enlistment benefits.  Members with prior
military service
might also be qualified for special benefits.  Reservists
receive non-contributory retirement

enjoy an excellent pay scale that compensates individuals for time
served over and above the required days, and also implements cost
of living increases.  In addition to that, you might earn
additional pay for years of accumulated service, or if you are
on flying status. 

Reservists often take advantage of the numerous educational programs
that are offered them by the Air Force.  With superior,
hands-on training on the world’s most technologically
advanced equipment,
Reservists are ready to take on any and all threats.  Many Reservists
find they wish to further develop these new skills and are able to
do so by attending the Community College of the Air Force.  This
is a fully accredited institution of higher learning solely dedicated
to the Air Force and its personnel.  It is also the only military
school that grants Associate degrees.

Air Force Reservists are able to return to their civilian jobs after
spending time in training or serving during a national emergency,
due to the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights
Act of 1994.  This legislation guarantees that you will be allowed
to revert to your previous employment after you have completed your
time served.

Top notch medical care is given to all members of the Air Force Reserves
while on duty, who also have access to low cost group life insurance.

Travel all over the world is possible with the Air Force Reserves depending
on your assignment.  Reservists are invited to take advantage of
base recreational facilities as well as libraries and commissaries.