Armed Forces Overview

Makes Up the US Military?

United States Military
is made up of five
branches that contain
some of the best soldiers
in the world. The Army,
Navy, Marine Corps,
Air Force and National
Guard keeps America
safe, and provides
jobs and benefits to
our skilled protectors
of freedom. Headed
by the Department of
Defense, the five military
branches carry out
their work not only
to America but also
by providing assistance
to others. The five
branches have different
methods of operation;
however all soldiers
are united under the
same flag.
Below are some of the
key points and factors
that make up every
branch of the United
States Armed Forces:

The United States

Main ground force in
the United States

Uses ground troops,
artillery, tanks and

Oldest branch of the
military, as well as
the largest

Supported by both The
Army Reserves and Army
National Guard

The Navy

Established in 1775

Maintains the freedom
of the oceans

Supplements the Air
Force in times of conflict

Provides aircraft and
equipment to locations
that lack a runway

Attacks from miles
away, and transports
Marines to areas of

The United States
Marine Corp

Referred to as “Infantry
of the Navy”

Specialize in amphibious
operations, like capturing
and controlling beaches
or other areas of attack

Mostly self-sufficient,
they also use the Navy
for logistical and
administrative support

Smallest branch

The United States
Air Force

Youngest branch, beginning
in 1947

Prior to 1947, was
called Corps of the

Main objective is to
protect both air and

Operates using fighter
aircraft, light and
heavy bombers, transport
aircraft and helicopters

Responsible for military
satellites, as well
as nuclear and ballistic

National Guard

Each states owns their
respective Guard

The President can activate
all members into a
Federal military during
times of conflict

All five branches
have different objectives
or even different methods
of fighting, but in
a time of conflict
they all come together
in one common goal:
Keeping America free!