About the USAF

US Air
Force: About the USAF

During ancient
times, kings and emperors
protected their state boundaries
from any probable land attack.
They could have never thought
that their territory needs
aerial protection as well.
Air Force has now become an
intrinsic part of the Defense
Power. The USAF or United
States Air Force a US military
organization primarily protects
the country from aerial attacks.
The USAF uses helicopters,
aircrafts, fighters and bombers
to carry out air raids when

Its mission is to control
any exploitation of air and
space. The aviation branch
of the US Armed Forces, the
United States Air Force is
a vital defense organization.
has placed aircrafts to bomb
enemy targets, provide reconnaissance,
and fight enemy aircrafts
and transport soldiers for
the other armed services.
In addition to this, it also
maintains the States nuclear
power and maintains a fleet
of strategic bombers. These
personnel carry land-based
nuclear missiles and nuclear
weapons. To keep a vigil,
it also maintains military
satellites to catch any suspicious

has three components namely,
Air Force, US Air Force Reserve
and Air National Guards of
the various States, territories
and Districts of Columbia.
There are nine major commands
in the United States Air Force.
It depends on the functional
basics within the country
and through geographic location
overseas. The three sections
of the Air Force are divided
into ten Aero Space Expeditionary
Forces. The EAF with 10,000
to 15000 personnel gets a
call of three months after
every fifteen months. It consists
of 31 refueling-aircraft,
90 multi-role fighter and
bomber aircrafts and 13 surveillance
and reconnaissance aircrafts.

The United States Air Force
comes under the jurisdiction
of the country’s Air
Force Department under the
charge of the Secretary of
Air Force. One of the key-role
of the USAF
is nuclear deterrence. It
control about sixty percent
of the country’s nuclear
weapons and helps it in becoming
a super power. The service
of the Air Force is highly